Technology, Green and Entrepreneurship

Technology: Here is a picture of Moore’s Law in action.

Green: Ever wondered why you know that the recommended service interval for changing your oil in your car is 3000 miles and has been “forever”.  The skeptic is  looking into it.

Entrepreneurship: One of my favorite entrepreneurship writers is Joel Spolsky.  Joel started his career at Microsoft and currently he is president of a software development company in New York City. I love the fact that he has a clear voice as to how he wants to run his company.  I subscribe to his blog and try to read his articles in Inc. Magazine.  This month he talks about the reason (!-not plural) companies fail and relates a humorous Thanksgiving dream.

2 thoughts on “Technology, Green and Entrepreneurship”

  1. I love how Joel Spolsky uses the radio as a metaphor for business. There is comfort in the thought that if I put time into tweaking the settings on the various dials I have, I may be closer to some good reception.

  2. The oil change article will save us a fortune and probably be the greenest thing we’ve done since buying those newfangled light bulbs. Thanks!

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