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My name is Al Herbach. I call myself an Entrepreneurial Consultant.  I help new companies get viable.

Professionally, I ran a software consulting company that grew from 4 people to over 50. We (my wife and I) took the giant leap and sold it to a much larger firm.  I worked for the acquiring company for 3 years, eventually running a Worldwide Professional Services Organization of over 250 consultants. I have worked as an executive for other companies and contributed to the growth of divisions or departments. As part of my total entrepreneurial life cycle, I built a company in a totally different market space, was unsuccessful in growing it to sustainable levels, so I had to close it down.

Part of the allure of working with entrepreneurs for me is to be part of a team that is focused on building something that will provide something new to the world. I am currently working with a number of early stage companies.

I plan to use this blog to talk about topics that interest me. Sometimes, I will write a post on a specific topic, but more often, I anticipate directing you to websites that I have found to be of interest.  Topics that interest me include:

  • customer service (or lack of it)
  • business education
  • books
  • ethics
  • transportation
  • communications
  • food and cooking
  • the wonders of Hawaii

Join me on this trip to varied worlds of interest.

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