Economy, Behind the Scenes and Entrepreneurship

Economy: James Surowiecki, writing in the New Yorker notes that for the first time in many years, the size of the financial industry has declined.  What does this mean for us?

Behind the Scenes: Nicholas Felton makes me feel like a voyeur.  But I just can’t help myself.  He writes and designs an awesome annual report of his life every year (2008, 2o07).  Now he has made the software available for others to journal their life and chart what is important to them at  Interesting…  Don’t think I am going to start charting myself, but I like the end result a lot.

Entrepreneurship: April Lane, Associate Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at DePaul University wrote a good article today on the habits that owners of service companies need to practice to achieve success.  I might have mentioned one or two of them before, but it never hurts to have a reminder.

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