Entrepreneurship, Netflix and Microbes

Entrepreneurship: As an entrepreneur one thing that we all need to do is to network.  Now, I have gone on record as saying that I hate the kind of networking that seems like speed dating.  But some helpful tips on how to introduce people well is always helpful.  Marci Alboher writes about the Seven Deadly Sins.

Behind the Scenes: Another behind the scenes article caught my eye.  If you have ever received the familiar red envelope from Netflix, here is a photo montage that shows you how they do it.

The Big Picture: The germophobes among us who continually use Purell and Lysol have helped to create Antibiotic Resistant Microbes.  These microbes have become much more prevalent in our world and will continue to be a significant infectious disease problem.  Bonnie Bassler presented a talk at the TED conference this year on how microorganisms communicate which might prove to be useful as we look for therapies for these diseases.

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