Fun, Marketing and Big Picture

Fun: A quick time waster for those of us who like word games is DeepLeap.  A whole game is 2 minutes and is reminiscent of Scrabble.

Marketing: Marketing is an exceedingly hard thing to do well.  I love to find examples of people who try, but really “just don’t get it”.  This one was pointed out by my friend Kristin.  Check out this Twitter from Jason’s Deli:

Happy Passover folks! For the first ever, we are offering Matzo to customers. But I don’t recommend ordering a Reuben on matzo. Oy!

Nice try that they are offering matzo for customers who are celebrating Passover.  But, is there any reason that someone who would request matzo would go to a sandwich place for lunch?  Perhaps for their ham and cheese on matzo?

Big Picture: Dubai is the new shining city in the desert.  How did it get that way and what is coming next?  This article explains the dark side of the developing city.

Fun: As father of two umpires, this article by George Will made my day.

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