Entrepreneurship, Urban Studies and Grammar

Entrepreneurship: For anyone who needs to give a killer presentation or just to prepare a cool way to show mixed media, check out Simile Widgets Exhibit.  It is open source and free to use. For a helpful introduction, see what LifeHacker has to say.

Economy: Based upon the news media, it would seem that the whole country is in a deep recession.  However, Joel Kotkin writing on NewGeography.com talks about a swath of middle America that doesn’t seem to feel the pinch as much as the rest of us.  The article also takes an in-depth look at the center of this swath, Kansas City.

Grammar Police: Those of you who know me well, know that I have, occasionally taken my red pen to a document.  Most often, I use Microsoft Word’s track changes.  But if you want to know what is right to write, check out this comprehensive site by Paul Brians.

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