Technology and Economy Cubed

Technology: I have been a big fan of Google Docs for users for a while now.  It makes sense to me to have the documents that you need whereever you are, not to mention the ability to easily share documents and collaborate on editing. Google today announced two changes to Google Docs.  The first is a full find and replace function that replaces a totally anemic one.  The second is the addition of a drawing module.  The drawing module will work in Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations.

Economy: Speaking of Google, they seem to be the only firm that has a solid PR plan regarding the economy.  Read this article on the salary structure of the Google leadership.

Economy: Ever wonder about the huge contracts that sports stars get and how that works for them?  Sports Illustrated has a great story on the answer — not so well.

Economy: Heard this week from a small business banker at Chase that they are not lending to companies without three years of solid financial statements, up from 2 years.  I am not sure how they are making money if they are not lending it out, but the pendulum is definitely swinging back to the cautious side of things.

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