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GMail, The Bailout and Bill Gates

Today seems like a slow link day, but we will persevere.
Technology: One of the reasons I like Gmail is that Google is committed to bringing us optionally installable changes quickly through their labs program.  Today they brought out Multiple Inboxes.  It is a misnomer in that you still only have one inbox. But it will allow you to have multiple windows into your (single) inbox open on the same screen. You control the content via search strings; it is Google after all.  For those who use labels or who manage everything from their inbox, this could be a truly helpful new option.

Video: One of the places that I like to go to when I have 15 or 20 minutes to spare is the TED Conference. TED 2009 is going on now and there was a lot of talk about Bill Gates’ presentation yesterday on malaria. The video shows a new side to Bill Gates and bugs.  A couple of other TED talks from past years that are exceptional are Jill Bolte-Taylor, Al Gore and Hans Rosling.

Bailout: The first simple explanation of the implosion of AIG. And a simpler Calvin & Hobbes version.

Technology: This cartoon of how the Google Chrome logo was born made me giggle.

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Marketing: I am not a big fan of Hugh Macleod‘s (Updated 2/6/09 since I found this one) cartoons, but he has an interesting post today on futility marketing.  The point here is that some of the world’s most interesting successes (not just business) were started as futile projects.  Everything from the British defeating the Nazi menace with Spitfires (WWII) to getting people to buy software apart from hardware (Microsoft).

Food: Count me in on those who think that barbeque should be a separate food group.  A competitive BBQ team in Kansas City has created an Internet sensation with the Bacon Explosion.  Please note that friends who keep kosher or are vegetarians need not flock to this link.

Politics: An angel in Washington?

Video: Stop action videography is not dead.  Check out this music video by Oren Lavie for a fantastic journey.

Intelligence: Ever wonder about those IQ tests?  Here is a short description of what the IQ Test really tests.

Credit: Did you know that FICO is changing the way they calculate your scores today?

Project Management: Is running a project anything like rowing?  My friend, David Kelly, seems to think so.

Marketing: I have been thinking about this one all day.  Could you define yourself with 5 brands?  Right now, I am leaning towards Blackberry, Famous Dave’s, Lands’ End, Google and Lexus.

Job Search: As the economic conditions worsen, many more of my friends are looking for new places to call work.  Here is a consise list of top web based job sites. While this is interesting information, my advice is to not waste too much time on the web, but keep your networks alive via personal contact.  A personal reference from someone who knows you well will push your application to the top of the pile, in many cases.